leo sign

KENNEWICK,WA- It has been almost a year since Leo Birrueta lost his life on Clearwater Ave and Edison St. Birrueta was hit by Katie Summers who was driving drunk. Now the city of Kennewick is honoring Birrueta as part of their Roadside Memorial Program.

"It gets out important safety messaging for drivers and it's a way for families to honor their lost ones," said Evelyn Lusignan the city of Kennewick's Public Relations and Government Affairs Director.

Each sign will have the message please don't drink and drive as well as a spot for the victims name. Although the sign is a reminder of what happened to him Birrueta's family finds comfort seeing his name honored in such a way. 

"It feels good to see that sign out there not in the greatest way but it's just his name is there and I know people are reading it I know people are seeing it and wondering what it is for," said Yulissa Arenes who is Birrueta's niece.

If you would like to honor a victim of drunk of driving you can apply for a sign on the city of Kennewick's website. 

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