YAKIMA, WA - In a matter of months, the State Fair Park vaccination site went from lines full of cars to no line at all.

Could this be because the 'Shot of a Lifetime' sweepstakes ended a few weeks ago?

Right now, there isn't any hard data on whether more or fewer people are getting vaccinated but one worker said she's had a few people leave after she told them the sweepstakes are over.

Dayana Gomez spends her downtime playing card games. But how much downtime are we talking about?

"I mean we stop when we have patients to take care of but adding it out throughout the day maybe a couple of hours," said Gomez.

According to the Yakima Department of Health, as of July 17th, 50.1 percent of people 12 years and older are fully vaccinated in Yakima County.

It's possible that everyone who wanted to get vaccinated, already did said, Gomez. She said she thinks having another incentive would help get more people vaccinated again.

The State Fair Park vaccination site is open Monday through Thursday 10 to 6 p.m. and Sundays 10 to 8 p.m. People can drive or walk up, no appointment necessary.