WASHINGTON - Statewide K-12 schools are trying to figure out their budget for next year, but with changes in funding it's only making it harder.

If you remember last year, teacher salaries were increased because of the McCleary decision, but other changes also took place. Statewide, there is now a levy lid. School districts can now only take $1.50 for every $1,000 of assessed value.

Putting that cap on school levies has really hurt some districts, but not Toppenish and Wapato.

"As far as the budget goes we're in pretty good shape and the reason is that we do not use levy dollars to support personnel. If we did we would probably be hurting like a lot of the other school districts are and I know some of the school districts around us have used a lot of their levy money for personnel," said John Cerna, Superintendent, Toppenish School District.

The Wapato School District also says this levy lid isn't going to hugely impact them, because similar to Toppenish they were not too far from the $1.50 rate.

The West Valley School District declined to comment on the issue.

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