Levy would help renovate Toppenish High School

TOPPENISH, WA - Toppenish School District leaders are looking for voter approval on a six-year levy. The levy will be used to solve many of the issues the high school currently has.

Toppenish High School has become over crowded. Their library has become a classroom, and multiple P.E. classes have to share the gym during one class period.

This is why they're asking for voters to approve this $10 million levy.

"The high school gym where our kids actually take their P.E. class is only one court, it's so little," said Superintendent for the Toppenish School District, John Cerna. "It's just small; we don't have enough facilities to meet the needs of our kids and that's why we're running the levy."

The levy will help renovate the high school, adding a new gym, extra classrooms, and two locker rooms.

"It's about providing new, modern facilities that our kids can use for the next sixty years," said Cerna.

How much will this levy cost you?

If you live within district limits you'll be taxed $2.50 for every $1,000. That means if your house is worth $100,000, you'll pay $250 for six years. The levy will also be matched with state funds.

"They're giving us a $6 million match which is kind of unheard-of. Which is great because it's opportunity to help our kids," said Cerna.

The levy requires a simple majority of just over 50 per cent voter approval. If it does pass, construction could start as soon as next summer.

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