LifeChurch7 switches to virtual services

RICHLAND,WA-  With social distancing restricting large gatherings, churches have needed to adjust how they worship. One church Life Church7 in Richland has shifted their services online. Every Sunday and different days throughout the week members of this church can still get the same church experience but just via Facebook Live and YouTube instead.

"There is so many changes right now we wanted to put our service as close to normal as we could,"  said Mark Middleton the Connections Pastor at Life Church 7. "So that it would feel like you are still at church even if you were watching from your living room or you are watching from your phone."

On Sunday alone the church had 6,000 viewers on their stream. They would prefer to able to have people still come and worship with them in person. But they understand what the governor is trying to do to protect the citizens of Washington.

"We want to do the same thing we have multiple generations at our church we have young, we have old," said Middleton. "We don't want this to put any vulnerable people in a bad place."  

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