Tri-Cities Animal Shelter

TRI-CITIES, WA - When an animal is lost and ends up at the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter the shelter's primary goal will always be to reunite the animal with its original owner, however after a 72 hour hold the shelter has no choice but to put the animal up for adoption.

The shelter will first try to identify an animal's owner; many times the shelter is put in situations where this is difficult to do because the animal doesn't have any tags and is not microchipped.

Kennewick Richland and Pasco require that cats be held for 48 hours and dogs for 72 hours. The shelter's policy is to hold all the animals for 72 business hours, which means the days the shelter is closed are not counted towards the hold hours for the animal.

Once the hold time is over the animal is then officially put up for adoption. There have been instances when a pet owner comes forward after the animal has already been adopted by another family, in these cases the shelter will try to put the two families in contact but legally the new adopter is the rightful owner. Ultimately the decision of what to do with the animal is up to the new family.

The Tri-Cities Animal Shelter is open five days a week from Tuesday until Saturday.

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