YAKIMA, WA - Jose and Angela Flores posted on Facebook if anyone needed a Thanksgiving meal this year. 

The response was overwhelming. 

They chose six names out of a bowl at random. Jose said he loved telling those families the good news. 

"One reaction was from one lady, and she was like 'my kids are going to be so happy that we get to eat something this year,'" said Jose.

They stocked up at Fiesta Foods and hand-delivered each meal. 

"When you knock on a door and a little kid answers and screams out, 'mom, it's the turkey guy, we're gonna get fed,' that's what I do this for," said Jose.

Jose said he was once that little kid.

"Sometimes it was beans and rice for Thanksgiving, but we always made a point to sit around the table," said Jose.

Even now, Jose said they still struggle with money, but that's not stopping him from sharing the little he does have.

"There are many other people hurting worse than me, so why not put a smile on that face and say 'you're not alone in this, I got you,''' said Jose.

Angela said she has a heart desire to serve, and Jose has a heart desire to give. They said they thank God for making this all possible.

She said no matter your situation- anyone can change the world.

Jose and Angela are looking for drivers to help next year. Reach out to Jose on Facebook here