YAKIMA, WA- A Yakima developer helping people impacted by Washington's "Stay at home, Stay healthy" order by not charging residential rent for April.

At least 18 families will not have to have to worry about how to pay their rent next month.

Tenants said they “were shocked” and grateful.

Hogback Development Company shared a video on Facebook challenging other landlords and development companies to try and offer tenants any rent relief.

They are calling it the rent relief challenge.

Lead Developer, Chris Waddle says their goal is to try and get at least a thousand families a rent break.

He said they want to get the conversation going for the community to put others above themselves.

“If we end up having any part in encouraging landlords or even just giving them the idea that hey, you can do this. This is what coming together as a community looks like then our campaign is successful,” said Waddle.

Hogback Development recognizes not every landlord will be able to give tenants a rent break however he hopes many will be able and willing to do their part to help.

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