tri-city judo

KENNEWICK,WA -  Local martial arts gym Tri-City Judo is taking athletes to Anaheim, California to compete in a nationwide competition called the Junior Olympics.

Three fighters on the team are heading into the Olympics with national rankings: Memphis Miller and the brother and sister duo of Asia and Gabe Borisch. All three will be competing in the Junior Olympics. For Asia, the Junior Olympics is a chance to fight better fighters and help put Tri-Cities on the map.

"Not a lot of people around here do Judo and know about Judo; it's really cool," said Borisch. "I would say that I personally am ranked in the country in something that not a lot of people get the chance to do."

The other Borisch sibling is looking to make a name for himself. Gabe Borisch, the youngest brother, is learning what it's like to have the Borisch family name in the world of Judo.

"It's really hard to live up to because I have my brother who is ranked in the world and my sister who is ranked high," said Borisch.

All three hope to come home as medal winners.

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