Local Olive Garden server singing 'Happy Birthday' goes viral

Over the past few days, you may have seen a video going viral of a local server singing happy birthday at a restaurant.

His name is Alphonso Nichols. He just recently started working at the Kennewick Olive Garden.

The 31 year-old says the video going viral was very unexpected, but in the best way possible. When asked about why he sings, he said it's not about the fame.

Alphonso sings to all of his birthday customers.

He started gaining attention when this video of him went viral last week.

"I started singing...I would say about five years old...just with my family and with my father through church," Nichols said.

His family knew he had a gift, so he started competing. He made his first song when he was 12.

"I did the Junior Idol Competition when I was 16. I ended up winning that one as well," he said.

Through the years he started making a name for himself, opening up for artists like Usher and Lil Wayne.

"I went on tour with JaRule and Ashanti for about three shows and that was pretty fun," Nichols said.

Alphonso pursues his passion to inspire his eight year-old son.

"As I'm singing I'll look around the corner and see him come around the corner and he'll watch me, which is fun," he said.

And as he waits for his big break, he's using his gift to make people smile.

"I've seen tears sometimes...you never know the impact you had for that person that day. You don't know what kind of day they were having. It's nice that just that by me singing and doing something that I love to do and sharing that... it's going to make their day just a little bit brighter," Nichols said.

Right now, Alphonso is working on a Christian album that he plans to release next year.

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