YAKIMA, WA - Missionaries Ty Conrad and Ryan Hancock helped clear the snow for about 20 people since the snowstorm hit Monday. 


"We were like there's tons of snow out so why not help some people and so that's what we did," said Conrad.


It all started when Conrad posted on Facebook. He said he couldn't believe how many people reached out for help. 


"It definitely brightens my day helping others," said Conrad.


Conrad said he just doesn't want people stuck in their homes because of the snow.


Unfortunately, that was the case for one Yakima resident. With a back injury, Renee Charles said it was impossible to clear her driveway to get out.


That's when Conrad and Hancock came to her rescue.


"There are so many good people in Yakima, we hear about the bad all the time but the good people are out there and they're amazing," said Charles.


Charles said she could finally get her mail and talk with her neighbors again.


She offered them some hot chocolate for all their hard work. Conrad and Hancock said they shovel for free but wouldn't pass up that delicious offer.


Do you or someone you know need snow shoveling? Send a message to Conrad on Facebook, click here.