YAKIMA, Wa -  Many men and women in the Yakima Valley serve in the military.  They were paying close attention to the report from the Iraq Study Group.  That includes SFC Cameron Welniak who just returned after spending a year in Iraq with the 792nd Chemical Company.

"I was very interested because I felt it had a lot of impact on soldiers and the general public's feeling of where this war is going," says Welniak 

Sergeant Welniak's biggest concern, like many other local soldiers, were troop levels going to be increased.

"That was one of the things I was looking at.  And if they were going to send more troops, what troops were they going to send?  And what role would they have?" says Welniak.

Welniak agreed with key recommendations from the report; that more soldiers need to be embedded with the Iraqi Army. 

He was relieved that the report did not call for increased troop levels, but says he'll willing go back again if called to duty.

"If I have to go back, I'll go back.  I enlisted to fight for my country," says Welniak.  

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