Jaden Robles

19-year-old Jaden Robles will graduate tomorrow from Pasco High School. After college, he wants to get into home appraisals with his mom.

WALLA WALLA, WA - Several high schools will have graduation ceremonies tomorrow, including Pasco High School, where Jaden Robles is a student.

In many ways, Jaden is like any other teen.

He hangs out with friends, takes his girlfriend on dates, and loves playing with his dogs. It's when he struggles to make it up and down stairs, or swallows one of the many pills he's required to take, that he's reminded otherwise.

Jaden was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis as a baby. It's a genetic disease that causes lung infections and difficulty breathing.

Growing up, Jaden played sports and remained active, but over time, his condition got worse. Jaden spent most of his high school days in bed or at a hospital, and eventually started taking online classes.

His condition often kept him working late nights and early mornings, trying to meet assignment deadlines.

Times were difficult, but giving up wasn't an option.

"It sucks. But it's one of those things I can do nothing about, so to me, I don't see a point in getting upset," he said.

Jaden's condition requires him to use a nebulizer, inhaler, and vibrating vest. It's a neverending battle, but one thing he knows for certain is that he's got a lot to live for.

His family, best friends, and especially his girlfriend, Angel, have supported him tremendously, Jaden said.

After Jaden leaves Pasco High School, he plans to attend either WSU Tri-Cities or Columbia Basin Community College.

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