TOPPENISH, WA- September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and people in Toppenish are helping two local girls in their battle with cancer

Nettie Dionne is the owner of Karlee's Koffee, she was motivated to open her coffee shop in Karlee Ann Jenkins honor.

Dionne says "Karlee was a 6 year old girl who was giving and loving and always wanted to help others."

Karlee was involved with the name and appearance of what the coffee shop looks like today.

"She picked out colors and designed the Karlee's Koffee logo you see today. From there her excitement made us excited," said Dionne

Karlee did not see the Karlee's Koffee finished, but in the four years hey have been open they have brought the community together. 

All of the schools in Toppenish are involved in raising money for the Going Gold cause.

Kirkwood Elementary School was the first school to get involved in Going Gold For Karlee and has been an inspiration to all the other schools in Topppenish.

"You see one school that's doing something awesome we all kind of join in so all of our kids can be part of that," said Enrique Romero, Principal, Kirkwood Elementary School. 

This year they are supporting two local girls Abrey and Melanie. 

16-year-old Melanie says she is grateful to see everyone coming together to help her and her family. 

"I hope that when I go back I can give back to the community and thank them for helping me get through this, said Melanie Trigueros, Going Gold Recipient

Melanie said she "really appreciate what they are doing for me and Abrey that I think it's so helpful that they are trying to get the community in going gold."

Dionne says when she talks to kids about the cause she likes to talk to them about a puzzle and how it has several pieces. To her every person involved is a puzzle piece that makes a difference. 

Karlee's Koffee will be having their big fundraiser on Saturday from 8:30 to 3:30 where they will be selling pozole, baked goods and they will be having sales on all of their coffees and all of the proceeds will be going Going Gold for Abrey and Melanie.

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