red cross volunteer

KENNEWICK, WA  - As Hurricane Dorian continues its destructive path, the Red Cross is sending out over 2,500 volunteers to help, including some from our area.

The Red Cross has been deploying several of their volunteers to help set up over 100 shelters, which have already helped out nearly 7,000 people and provided over 40,000 meals.

Juan Silva, who has been one of the Red Cross volunteers since 2017, is patiently waiting to get a call that will tell him where he will be sent to help out with hurricane relief.

"I already know what I'm prepared for; I've done hurricane response before, so there is a little bit of anxiety of what you are going to run into. But, we are going to go in and we are going to help people. It's our priority," said Juan Silva, Red Cross volunteer.

Juan is just one of several volunteers from our area who are already helping out in the hurricane relief.

The Red Cross is sending volunteers nationally and will be making a donation to help the island of The Bahamas. For more information, visit or Call (509) 316-1845.

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