Coeur Cause Wine

PROSSER, WA- The tasting rooms at Ryan Patrick and Milbrandt Vineyards are giving back to student art programs for the month of September. 

After hearing how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected many classrooms around the state, winery members wanted to step in and help.

Karen Ballew, manager at Milbrandt Vineyards, said they will be donating proceeds from their newest wine "Coeur Cause" to Friends of the Lower Grand Coulee, a charity that helps give back to art and education programs throughout Washington state. 

"Right now with everything the whole world is going through, it is really important for us to give back especially to support kids programs because these are some programs that maybe won't exist in the future because everyone's budget is so limited and things are going to have to give, so this is our way of helping out," Ballew said. 

Ballew said Coeur Cause is the winery's first sparkling rose and with every bottle sold they will make a direct donation to help create more art education programs through the Friends of the Lower Grand Coulee.

Student Artwork

For the winery, it is about helping the community they are apart of. 

"We love giving back to the community and supporting because without the community we wouldn't be here," Ballew said. 

Assistant manager at Milbrandt Vineyards, Eric Skaare said now more than ever it is important to save art programs that may be affected due to budget concerns.

"Especially with school being virtual it’s really important that kids have an outlet for creativity and music and art is one of the best ways for that," Skaare said.  

'Coeur Cause' will be sold every weekend in September in each of their tasting rooms in Leavenworth, Prosser, and Woodinville. The prices range from $31-$35 a bottle. 

Each weekend the tasting rooms will be hosting a "Sparkling Rose MASKerade" to allow people to taste the wine, eat local dishes, and show off their best face masks. 

"Everyone likes wine and having a good time but also being able to do something that provides a service... people might not be buying wine so much right now, but at least you know if you do, it is going to a great cause," Skaare said. 

For more information on the 'Coeur Cause' and the Friends of the Lower Grand Coulee, you can visit their website.

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