YAKIMA, WA- Governor Jay Inslee's new ban on indoor service for restaurants and bars has resulted in many breweries and wineries getting creative.

Treveri Cellars is doing outdoor service with their new outdoor "bubbles."

The owner of Treveri Cellars says they wanted to create a safe and comfortable outdoor space.

“We were lucky we were able to get a hold of the bubbles. They are back ordered for like 3 months and so we got a hold of them about a week ago,” said Christian Grieb, Owner Treveri Cellars. 

Grieb says they knew a second COVID-19 shut down could be possible.

“We kind of got ahead of the curb, we figured that there would be a shut down or a closure at some point here in the future this winter and it came quicker than we thought,” said Grieb. 

Getting ready for outdoor dining in the winter also pushed them to think creatively.

Treveri has 5 bubbles that allow up to 5 people for a 2-hour time slot.

Grieb says the bubbles are not only safely sanitized with UV light but they are also warm.

Grieb said “If anyone has ever been inside a greenhouse it could be 30 degrees outside and you go inside the greenhouse and it's like 60 to 65 degrees. We've put a heater in every one of the bubbles so it helps keep the ambient temperature nice and warm.

There is no additional cost to reserve a bubble, however spots are limited. 

Grieb says they are lucky to be able to welcome customers when other businesses can't.

“It's unfortunate what's going on so please support local businesses not just ours when you have the chance to. Get takeout from restaurants, get curbside pick up at other wineries as well. Make sure you are supporting,” said Grieb. 

To make reservations at Treveri’s Bubbles click here.