Brandie Rhoades

RICHLAND, WA -  At the age of 29, shortly after giving birth to her fourth child, Brandie Rhoades was diagnosed with Follicular Bronchiolitis; a rare disease that causes inflammation in the airways.

Her disease progressed quickly leaving her wheelchair bound and on at least 8 liters of oxygen every day. After a continuing decline in health, in 2017 Rhoades was finally placed on a lung transplant list. 

A few months after being placed on the list, she received her new set of lungs. But life after the transplant was still difficult; Rhoades was hospitalized at least another three times for Pneumonia. 

Despite all this, she kept going even signing up for spin classes at Gold's Gym in Richland. 

Joanne Berry, her fitness instructor at Gold's says she is an inspiration to not only the instructors at the gym but all of the members as well. 

Rhoades attends spin classes at least twice a week, saying these classes push her harder and harder every time.

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