YAKIMA, WA- Washington state's minimum wage increased to $13.50 an hour on January 1st.

Yakima business owner's recognize this can be beneficial to employee's but it may take some adjusting for local businesses. 

"You want a livable wage, a living wage and at the same time you don't want prices going through the roof. So to find that happy balance is difficult," said Mark Shervey, Owner, MAK Daddy Coffee Roasters.

The balance of keeping businesses striving while increasing workers pay is something many Yakima businesses are dealing with this new year.

For Los Hernández Tamales this is not the first increase in wages they have seen in their 29 years in business.

Owner, Los Hernández Tamales, Felipe Hernández said "we've gone through this before, we will go through it again let's just be positive about it and work with it. And strive to be the best that we are."

For some new businesses in town like Buzzin' Bees Coffee working through the increase mean's a lot less employees and more work being done by the owner to save money.

"It's been a little hard because since we opened the shop it's been a little slow, it's still not like busy," said Gabriela Herrera, Buzzin' Bees Coffee.

Mark Shervey says it's not just the employer's that feel the effect of the increase.

Shervey said "it's not just the labor costs that were experiencing that are going up but all of our vendors where we source all of our products and services from are also getting hit by the same wage increase so their prices go up as well."

Hernández says with the increase "we have to do our part as employers, as business people and the employees will do their we will have to ask them do their part also." 

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