SUNNYSIDE, WA - A lot of people in Sunnyside are concerned that the cemetery there is not being taken care of and this is not the first time people have expressed this. 

"I'm sure there's a lot of upkeep on a cemetery, but it just seems like they could do a little better job," said Bob Powers who has 10 family members buried at Lower Valley Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Many who also have loved ones at the Sunnyside cemetery agree with Powers.

"There's a lot of overgrown grass and in places where there's even grass it's not watered that well, and, so there's a lot of brown spots," said Powers.

When simply taking a look around the cemetery there is garbage such as beer cans, dirty towels and plastic bags around some of the graves.

Employees at the cemetery didn't want to comment on this issue on camera, but they did say they are doing their best to fix the issue and that if any vandalism happens that is not their responsibility.

Unfortunately back in January several veteran graves were driven over and damaged. Dan Williams who was the General Manager at the time apologized for the wrong doing.

"There's no excuse for what happened on the markers and for that we truly apologize. I can't stand here and say that nothing like this might ever happen in the future, but it is avoidable and we are going to do 100% to avoid that because we want people to feel welcome here and this is their home," said Williams.

However, despite the apology not much has changed.

Powers says there has always been issues with upkeep. "Personally I think it's gotten worse, much worse...I've been coming here for 19 years and it's been this way ever since. I've not noticed any changes what so ever."

Powers and many others simply ask for respect for their loved ones. "It would be nice to come to a peaceful, quiet, serene, green kept up place instead of a place that's kind of sad."

Some people say vandalism might happen at the cemetery because it's not gated.

When employees were asked if a gate would ever be installed they said that's a discussion they would need to have.

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