Man breaks into home and cuts throat of woman

YAKIMA, WA - A normal Sunday morning turned into a life or death situation for two women in Yakima.

"He broke in through my sliding glass door and tried to attack me; only I got away and [he] instead cut my mother's throat," said Deborah.

Deborah remembers Sunday morning being like any other. She was getting ready for her day when something unusual happened.

"I heard somebody ringing my doorbell like three times in a row so I got up, I was in my bedroom to go to the door and I didn't see a car in the driveway," said Deborah.

She says she decided not to open the door. Instead, she went back to her bedroom where Deborah says she saw 23-year-old Chandler Ford.

"He was coming in through the sliding glass window of the bedroom. He had broken in and he was telling me to 'shhhh' and inching towards me and I just screamed no and I slammed the bedroom door," said Deborah.

Deborah recalls running outside to get help. While neighbors helped her call 9-1-1, she saw her mother, 80-year-old Barbara Borgen, attacked.

"She was standing in the doorway and I heard her scream, and he had come up behind her and he had cut her throat. I don't know what he used but he didn't go real deep, so she's doing fine," said Deborah.

She says she no longer feels safe in her own home. Deborah does want what has happened to her to be a warning to her neighbors and have them be more careful.

"Our sense of safety and security is gone; you think you're safe, you do all the right things, it's not enough," said Deborah.

The suspect's father says they aren't commenting on the situation.

Ford was arrested for attempted homicide, assault, and burglary.

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