fire hero

WEST RICHLAND, WA- A fire that destroyed a families home could have ended much worse if it weren't for one man. Cosmo Zampelli was driving down Bombing Range Road when he saw the flames.

Instead of driving by Zampelli stopped and asked the family if there was anyone still in the house. After hearing there was one boy still inside, Zampelli ran to the window and shouted at the boy. Zampelli then grabbed him through the window and pulled him out of the house.

"I saved someone's son on the other hand it's all about how everything just happens," said Zampelli.

Zampelli a father himself knows that sometimes parental instincts just kick in. 

"You just flip a switch you are there to help," said Zampelli.

If you wish to help out the family who lost their home you can make donations at the SportsPage in Kennewick.

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