Man's Body Found at Leslie Groves Park in Richland

RICHLAND, Wash.-- A man's body is discovered in Leslie Groves ParkĀ on Sunday. Officials say it's a 45-year-old man from Richland, but they have not yet released his name.

Also they're not sure what the cause of death was or why this person was near the water. Richland police received a phone call from on-lookers saying they had seen what appeared to be a body inside the Columbia river.

The Dive Rescue team was immediately called out to the scene. They found the man's body near the island, four feet underwater.

"At this point the information we have, we're not looking for another victim, once the police start to investigate they may find out that there is another person missing," said Scott Pattison, with the Columbia Basin Dive Rescue Team.

Rescue team staff say they found a backpack nearby. They think the body was in the water for two to three days. The body has been turned over to the coroner's office.

Richland police say they've had no reports of anyone missing.

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