KENNEWICK, Wash. — Three U.S. veteran brothers were laid to rest together at Desert Lawn in Kennewick on September 23. Each brother served in a different branch and died at different times, but have finally been buried altogether. 

One brother was a marine, one was a sailor and the other was a soldier. Two served in Vietnam, the other in Korea. 

“We had an army flag, we had a marine flag, and we had a navy flag,” said Chaplain Art King, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 785. “That was kind of cool to me because my oldest brother was a marine, my next brother was a navy veteran and I’m an army veteran, so that kind of hit home for me and that was pretty great.” 

While one of the brothers has been dead for some time, the second died during COVID and the last only recently. The family chose to bury all three together, leading to the ceremony.