Yakima, WA - Yakima Valley Museum expected to open their new mountaineering exhibit this October. However, because of a nation-wide material shortage and shipping delays, that opening has been delayed. 

When completed, the exhibit will feature local climbers and their accomplishments, models of Mt. Rainer and Mt. Saint Helens. According to the Curator of Exhibits, Heath Lambe, it will also teach people the history of mountains.

"So why did you climb the mountain is the famous question, well because it's there,"Lambe said. "Well it begs the question why is it there so we can take time to talk about volcanology and the region."

Right now, the museum has their interactive sandbox set up, an interactive climbing wall to teach people about climbing safety and models of Mt. Rainer and Mt. Saint Helens. 

Lambe said the biggest setback they experienced was the shipping delay on the projector for their interactive sandbox. They ordered it six months ago and it just arrived last week. The lack of materials still has them waiting to finish the exhibit.

"Aluminum has been in short supply," Lambe said. "A lot of the signage that I'm going to be using throughout the display is going to be printed on clear acrylic and you can imagine with all of the clear barriers we've been making and manufacturing in the first part of the pandemic that was in short supply as well."

This is part of a larger scale supply shortage across the United States that's also affecting industries like painting and construction. The shortage is in part caused by labor difficulties.

"We ordered certain things and were told 'well we've had a hiccup at the shop sorry about that but we are all quarantined here so we're going to be shut down for a couple weeks,'"Lambe said.

Now the museum is waiting for other materials to arrive so they can finish the exhibit.

Whether they have an unveiling event or not depends on the CDC guidelines at the time, but they hope to open it by the end of the year.