Meal programs helping feed kids during summer vacation

YAKIMA, WA - Did you know one in six children across the state of Washington suffer from hunger?  

"Kids have access to food, whether it's free and reduced breakfast, lunch, snacks at school," said Sheri Bissell, Community Engagement Manager at Northwest Harvest.

Over 80 percent of students in the Highland School district have free and reduced lunch.

While in school they'll get at least one meal a day, but what happens when kids start summer vacation?  

In Yakima County there are summer meal programs, but some families don't have the transportation to get there. This is why Northwest Harvest teamed up with food banks in the City of Tieton, Klickitat County, Adams County, and Grant County to provide all kids summer meals.

"A lot of those families don't have access to get into Yakima. High need families are already accessing our local food banks so we pin pointed those areas on the outskirts," said Bissell.

When a family goes into a one of the food banks in these areas, they will be given a bag with kid-friendly food. The bags have enough food for three meals a day for two kids.

"One menu will consist of instant oatmeal, canned vegetables and fruit. Things like mandarins, oranges, black beans, canned mushrooms, corn, and there are things like rice," said Bissell.

Bissell says it's very important for kids to get the right nutrition during the summer.

"It's not healthy for kids, growing children to have one meal a day, and the food that we're providing for the food banks is three square meals a day," said Bissell.

Northwest Harvest will be taking money donations for this program.

Bissell says they have to make sure to get specific foods in order for kids to get the right nutrition.

All money donated is given to this program: if you would like to donate, you can stop by Northwest Harvest.

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