Austin Eacret Instant Replay

Courtesy: Chris Denslow

RICHLAND, WA - "Awesome" Austin Eacret earned his nickname when he was just a kid.

He says he has always been able to fix just about anything, especially boats. Growing up, the boat racer and repairman often heard the phrase, "That's awesome, Austin!

It stuck - and "Awesome" Austin is what fans call him today.

Austin is a team-player, often making repairs and lending parts to his competitors. He says he "likes to help everyone as much as possible."

Boat racing is second nature for Austin. He says it's "like driving a car." That's because he's been racing for 12 years.

At this year's Regatta, he's driving "Subvert Racing." It's a 2.5 liter, 17-foot-long hydroplane that weighs about 1,025 pounds. Austin says it is a relatively small boat, but it still has enough power to reach speeds around 100 mph.

He says Subvert Racing was completely wrecked when he bought it, so he repaired it himself. Since then, Austin has set two records for speed in his boat and won several regional titles. 

A few of Austin's many accomplishments include 2012 National Falls Champion, 2015 National Highpoints Champion, and 2nd Place National Champion for 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Each year, Austin is motivated by the challenge of getting faster.