RICHLAND, WA - Nearly 500 middle school students from across Eastern Washington traveled to Richland Wednesday to learn about the energy this area provides.  

This was part of the REACH Museum's Energy Experience: a day-long field trip in which students learned about the energy opportunities across the region. For students, this isn't just a field trip away from the classroom; it is the chance to get real hands-on experience.

"They are away from school and actually getting to learn something new; we get great feedback from the teachers saying that it compliments the curriculum that they have in their classrooms," said Jodie Henderson, the Benton PUD Manager of Communications & Government Relations.

Students got a chance to participate in hands-on activities that featured various things such as circuit boards, wind turbines and telephone pole wires. Many teachers enjoy this day for that very reason. It gives them a chance to have these real-life examples hammer home what is being taught in the classroom. 

"The math that we are learning right now in the classroom is being used in science and for all these different areas that they wouldn't normally make those connections," said Jenny Hokanson, a Robert Olds 7th and 8th grade math teacher.

Regardless if these students later work jobs in the energy field, the goal of the day is to make the sure the next generation understands the potential of energy.  

"Our goal is to educate the next generation; we want to educate them on the very sources that are out there," said Henderson. 

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