Mileage Milestone: Man's 2000 Honda Accord surpasses 1 million miles

You've heard recording artists speak of walking 500, maybe 1,000 miles, but how about a car driving 1,000,000?

A North Carolina man's 2000 Honda Accord recently surpassed the 1 million-mile milestone.

Dexter Mills, a self-employed vehicle inspector, estimates he logs around 65,000 miles a year.

“It’s been absolutely phenomenal," Mills told WRAL. "I still average anywhere from 440 to 460 miles out of a tank of gas.”

Mills said he has put over 800,000 miles on the car after it became his primary work vehicle in 2006 when his wife bought a new car. Then came a new milestone for Mills' Honda.

“I pulled over when it got to 999,999, I took a picture and I started to drive and I'm waiting on the odometer to hit a million and it doesn’t, it stops there.”

Mills documented the milestone on Facebook, writing: 

"I think my car is trying to tell me she is ready to retire. Close to three weeks ago my 2000 Honda Accord went over the one million mile mark. This car has been absolutely fantastic!

When I was working as an automotive technician I would sometimes joke with co-workers about cars having a mind of their own. Once my car went over one million miles, one of the warning lights (never been on before) would intermittently flash. A quick diagnostic check didn’t show any abnormalities. I think I got the message." 

Mills says he saved money by doing most of the maintenance on the car himself, having replaced the engine twice as well as the alternator, starter and compressor. He also stresses the importance of regular oil and filter changes and driving habits.

“Probably one of the biggest things is I don’t drive cars hard. Every car that we own or have owned, I typically drive it in a non-aggressive manner," he said.

While it's a car he loves to the moon and back, having literally driven the distance to the moon and back twice, Mills says he is now shopping for a new car.

"I'm a little sad, but I think it’s time to let it rest, let it retire," he said. "It’s been an excellent car.”

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