Million of Washingtonians Have Unclaimed Cash

KENNEWICK, Wash.-- What would you said if we told you your odds for having unclaimed cash are 50-50?

That's exactly what the Washington Department of Revenue says.  Spokesman Mike Gowrylow says 3-million people are listed as having unclaimed money in Washington.  The population in the state is just over 6-million, so that's about half the people here who are owed money.  Gowrylow says, "There are uncashed paychecks, rent deposits, escrow accounts, a lot of different things.   It's money that people left behind, forgotten about, haven't claimed since the 1950s."  Since then, more than $600-million have built up, and the Department of Revenue wants to give it back to you.  

It's easy to check if you have unclaimed cash in Washington.  Just go to and search for your name.


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