In 2016 Washingtonians voted for Initiative 1433 which would increase minimum wage every year until 2020.

This year the minimum wage increased 50 cents from $11.50 to $12. This has caused some restaurant to make some adjustments like Village Bistro who has had to convert to smaller portion sizes.

I looked at portion sizes in some of my things the portions were just big which is something we are known for," said Kara Vogt who is the owner of Village Bistro. "But reducing some of those portion sizes so that the prices do not have to increase and just kind of being strategic about the entire thing."  

Other restaurants have gone to a different approach like PROOF. Michael Miller the owner of PROOF has resorted to try and encourage more customers to come into his restaurant to make up the difference.

"If we can get higher sales sometimes we don't have to increase our prices as much so it's really about getting people in the door and selling the items that have better margins for us," said Miller.

The minimum wage will also increase to $13.50 next year in 2020. `

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