Yakima Police Department Facebook

Yakima Police Department Facebook

YAKIMA, WA- In the past two weeks there have been a handful of girls who have gone missing some has young as 14 years old. 

Although some of the teens have been found, there are still parents searching for their missing teens. 

This mother who wished to stay anonymous is just one of many worried parents that have seen their teens leave home unexpectedly. 

"It just… It’s scary what’s going on in this town… Somebody needs to do something you know like something needs to happen to these people that are doing this with these girls, this is just ridiculous." 

According to statistics provided by the Yakima Police Department during this time last year there were 201 cases of missing teens.

This year numbers are down with 169 missing teens so far. 

Yakima Police Department, Detective Ileana Salinas said "We do see an increase in runaway reports the closer we get to the end of the school year and during the summer months."

Yakima Police Department encourages parents to get their teens involved in YPAL, the Yakima Police Activities League, a program that aims at helping at risk teens.

"It’s just police and other members of the community reaching out to help kids stay off the street and you know provide some type of guidance and direction for them." said Detective Salinas

According to YPD statistics since 2017 there has been a steady increase in the number of runaway cases. 

YPD is encouraging community members to stay alert and be aware of their surrondings. 

"We’ve actually, we’ve found you know missing kids you know from some stranger who just happened to be surfing the web and you know came across and article or something a post on the Yakima Police Department Facebook." Detective Salinas

Families in this situation are encouraged to not give up hope when it comes to a missing teen.

Please contact the Yakima Police Department if you have seen any missing teens. 

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