Roy Knoeb III

YAKIMA, Wash. - A moment of blessing was held at the Nob Hill Blvd. Circle K to honor the lives lost in the shooting earlier in the week. Jeffery Howlett, Nikki Godfrey and Roy Knoeb Jr. were remembered in prayer hosted by the Yakima Association of Faith Communities.

Reverend Shane Moore of Wesley United Methodist Church blessed the parking lot with holy water and advocated for a change that can end violence in the community.

"Not just in Yakima, but anywhere in our community," said Moore. "That's too many lives are lost to gun violence in the communities."

A couple dozen of people joined the moment of blessing, including the family of Knoeb Jr., the 62-year-old who was shot inside the Circle K.

His son, Roy Knoeb III, spoke at the event and thanked the community for supporting him during this time. 

Knoeb III said he's still processing his emotions after Tuesday's events, and his heart goes out to the suspect's family, after the alleged shooter took his own life on Tuesday.

The family is still planning funeral services for Knoeb Jr. and is grateful of the support they are recieving.

"It's good to know that not just family's helping out, but the community is too," said Knoeb III. "That means a lot, you know. It does, it helps out a lot."