Police release information on officer involved shooting

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Police are learning more about a fatal, officer involved shooting that happened in Richland over the weekend. They say the Special Investigative Unit is still deep in the investigation, and have many unanswered questions.

On Tuesday, investigators found a second handgun inside the car 27-year-old James Schultz was shot in, along with two spent shell casings. The casings do not match the caliber of ammo that any of the officers were carrying. Police could not say if the gun belonged to Shultz. A witness did report seeing Schultz with a handgun in the car just prior to officers firing their weapons. A witness has also reported hearing a gunshot coming from the inside of the car just before officers fired. A key piece is still missing from the investigation.

Captain Jeff Taylor with the Richland Police Department says, "we still haven't interviewed the officers, so if and when those interviews take place, that's the biggest piece of the puzzle we still don't have"

The Benton County Coroner says he will make an announcement on Wednesday about Jame Schultz's autopsy.

This is the first case for the Special Investigative Unit. They are remaining tight-lipped; they say they don't want to release any information before it has been finalized.

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