Mother of shooting victim speaks out
YAKIMA, WA - "Manuel Pantaleon, (my) mom called him bug-a-boo," said Tanay Renee Herrera, mother of shooting victim Manuel Pantaleon. "Everything he did, he did it with great pride. He was always happy."
This past weekend, Herrera received the worst news a mother could get.
"I said 'how? How... no.' Anyways he said 'yes, he's supposed to be dead' and I said 'it can't be,' " said Herrera.
Hours after she tried to contact Yakima Police, officers found Manuel's body in an alley on South 9th Street. 
According to police, Pantaleon was attending a party a block from where his body was found. The party is where Herrera believes her son was killed.
"If you look at that fence right there, where Manuel Pantaleon was found, there is no splatters... they dropped him right there," said Herrera.
Pantaleon leaves behind three kids and a family that adored him. Herrera talked to Pantaleon just an hour before his death. She didn't believe that would be the last time they talked. 
"They took him from me and I'm never going to be able to see my baby again," said Herrera.
Now all his mom has left are memories and pictures. She says all she wants is justice and for the violence to end. 
"You can't go taking people's lives. Look at this: you go into a place, you shoot. You shoot it all up not knowing who's in there and it could be your own cousin... you don't know who's in there," said Herrera. "I want to say it's a privilege to have him as a son."

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