Naches Valley High School

NACHES, WA - Students are saying goodbye to their summer vacation and heading back to school.

Some schools are taking this time to remind students about safety with a simple, yet important message.

"How long does the average school shooting last?"

That's a question no one wants to answer, but these days has to be asked.

Chris Weedin, a school safety operations center project manager spent some time at Naches Valley High School sharing a straightforward message.

"Here's how it works. If you see something then, you say something," said Weedin

Rich Rouleau, principal at Naches High says students need to take control of their safety.

"We want to empower those kids, that their safety and security is in their hands and they need to help us," said Rouleau.

School security is top of mind for staff, students, and parents.

"We've done a lot of things in terms of school safety recently, with the single point of entry coming into the school, different door locks, camera systems, but none of that matters as much as our motto, or out theme of, see something say something," said Rouleau.

That is a phrase that could help save lives.

"I learned that when you see something suspicious, that you should report it immediately, because it could be dangerous and dangerous to other people," said Maddie Kime, freshman, Naches Valley High Sschool.

School leaders also encourage parents to follow the motto because it's all about creating a safe space.

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