KENNEWICK, WA - June 10 is considered National Iced Tea Day in the United States. 

One local tea shop, Badger Canyon Herb Co., has over 200 choices of tea, as well as a vast knowledge of all teas and techniques for brewing. 

Linda Utley, owner of BCHC., and her daughter Tina Stephenson who run the shop together, could pair any tea from their shop to any number of occasions for a customer. 

Utley and Stephenson recommend a black tea for early mornings to build up energy, green teas for a less caffeinated morning, and herbal teas for a healthier, non-caffeinated day. 

The mother daughter duo strongly recommended their blends with a fruit flavor for that perfect summer iced tea. 

For more information about their different blends and methods for making tea, visit their website.

Badger Canyon Herb Co. is located at 201 N Edison St., Suite 258.