snow hero

YAKIMA, WA - Despite the weather, people have been stepping up and helping out. Those helpers are being recognized as "snow heroes," and one neighborhood is thanking theirs.

"Pretty good neighbor right here," said Serafin Perez.

Perez is referring to his neighbor Ole Matson, who has been helping out by plowing some snow.

"I like to just show up and do it without them even knowing. I just feel like if I was in a position that, maybe I couldn't shovel my own driveway I'd really hope someone would help me out and it just feels good to help people," said Matson.

Matson says he does tree work, but since work has been a little slow he's had some extra time to help others.

"With all this snow I figured I could help people out. I'm from Wisconsin and I like this weather and I like to help, so just going out and seeing who needs it," said Matson.

Neighbors say, before you know it Matson and his handy snow blower have already cleaned several driveways.

"Sometimes I can't with the shovel to clean my driveway, but... he's came to clean. No ask me, he cleans, my neighbors in the front too," said Perez.

Matson doesn't ask for any money, he simply says people being thankful is part of what keeps him going.

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