New Art After School Program

YAKIMA, WA - Jason Conrad is talented Center for the Yakima Sunkings professional basketball team. But he is more than just a player, Conrad opened up his own art after school program at Adams Elementary in Wapato.

"I just wanted to try to get involved in the community a little bit and this is my way of being able give back," said Conrad.

Not knowing what to expect, Conrad was hoping to get around 15 students to start the program off, but to his surprise, he had over 70 show up to the first meeting.

And the number of kids continues to increase.

The art program was created to give kids a creative outlet to express themselves as well as teach them valuable life lessons.

Conrad's biggest message to the youth? You can never have enough practice.

The Center for the Sunkings also says repetition advises them on repetition consistency, saying that all the people that are the best in their respected fields are the best because they are consistent.

Conrad's art is unique and original. All his paintings and artworks are made out of permanent markers.

Conrad is also planning to create some artwork with his students and eventually sell them to raise funds so that the program can continue for the next few years.

The plan is to have all the kids sketch out their ideas and Conrad will finish their artwork with permanent markers. Then, he will combine all the pieces and create a valuable piece of art to use as a fundraiser for the program.

The program is completely free to the kids and all the parents have to do is sign up.

In the future, Conrad says he wants this program to continue even when he leaves the town.

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