New candy pop-up shop sensation in the Tri-Cities

KENNEWICK, WA - There is a new business in town causing long lines of people.

Pocha Gomez started making this type of candy as a hobby and also she wanted to taste something new. She combines regular sugary candy mixed with Chamoy, a unique sauce popular in Mexican culture. It all started when gomez started making the candy as a hobby, then she put her candy on social media. She received enough feedback to begin thinking of a business, and so she did.

Gomez recently got her business license and this past weekend she set up in the parking lot of Eat Hot Tamales. The support she has received means a lot to her as it keeps her dreams alive, "It's emotional, I never thought people would like my product. My support system keeps me going and those who support me."

Gomez is also thankful for her family. She says if it wasn't for them, her business wouldn't be like it is today. The next pop up shop is this Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at eat hot tamales.