Naches School District

NACHES, WA - Washington schools will be getting more funding.

Over the weekend lawmakers in Olympia reached a deal which will help school districts tremendously as they finalize next years budgets.

On Friday, the superintendent for the Naches School District said over one million dollars needed to be cut from the budget.

"Next years budget is challenging... the amount of revenue we have for next year is going to be approximately $1.4 million less than this year," said Duane Lyons, Superintendent for Naches School District.

Statewide, many districts have also been facing funding issues. On Sunday, lawmakers agreed to lift the states levy lid. Originally districts were only allowed to take $1.50 for ever one $1,000 of assessed value. The deal now allows districts to ask for $2.50.

Regardless of the lift, putting a lid on school levies really hurt the Naches district because their levy was set at $3.48.

"So this shows you that we are cutting in high school teachers, middle school teachers, some administration," said Lyons.

Lyons says with the levy lid at $1.50 the district needed to cut 11 employees because they were $1.4 million short in funding.

With the lift now at $2.50 they only need to cut $900,000 which still leads to employees being let go.

"So instead of a million point four being cut. Gee, we'd only have to cut a million. It's still awful, but I'd have $400,000 which would be able to refund some teachers. I'd be able to put some other things back in place," said Lyons.

Lyons also says class sizes in the middle and high school will go up, because of teacher cuts. As of now it's unknown how many employees they will let go. On Friday that number was 11, but given this new deal that number could be different.

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