KENNEWICK, Wash. - The City of Kennewick now has a new standard for commercial businesses and city leaders hope the new rules will make our community a more memorable place to visit.

According to research from the city, it thinks if Kennewick has more warm and inviting business fronts, the city will stand out more on the map. 

Instead of big flat cement buildings, or shops with asphalt hugged right up to the street. The City of Kennewick is hoping more business look like ones you'd see off of Center Parkway and Grandridge Boulevard.

"You think about towns you've been to and you think about if you want to go back or if you don't, and almost always the towns the committee wanted to return to were towns that had a more of a pedestrian scale than a vehicle scale," said Rick White, Kennewick Community Planning Director.  

So for new businesses or owners looking to renovate their building the city wants stores to mold their look to the surrounding character of the neighborhood, and perk it up, including things like planting trees, and making room for sidewalks. Something some pedestrians think is a good idea.

"It's a nightmare to see (my son) bounding for the parking lot without looking especially in a parking lot like this. They're not going to see him he's so small," said McKenzie Matyear, Kennewick resident. 

The City of Kennewick anticipates some businesses won't like the new policy, but some businesses, like Walker's Furniture in Kennewick, recognize they're probably due for a facelift anyway.

"People seem to love the inside of the building they have made comments on it, likem Boy the outside doesn't look like the inside," said Walker's Furniture Store Manager Hector Delgado.    

The city said one day it hopes to compete with the regions most beautiful communities.

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