nirvana cannabis

WEST RICHLAND, WA- Another marijuana shop has opened its doors in Benton County. Nirvana Cannabis has been open for the past week for its soft opening, but there was some controversy in opening this shop. 

Back in 2017, the City of West Richland released a statement to the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board saying the city of West Richland has a prohibition on recreational, production, processing and retail sales of marijuana. Despite West Richland not allowing marijuana shops in the city, Nirvana was able to open in the city because the land is actually Benton County land. 

"It's a one parcel island of unincorporated Benton County, so it's inside the city of West Richland urban growth boundary but it has not been annexed... so it's still under the jurisdiction of Benton County," said Jerrod MacPherson, the Benton County Planning Manager.

Nirvana also purchased the license to sell at that location before the 2017 moratorium went into effect, allowing them to still open the store. 

Nirvana plans on having its grand opening on April 20.   

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