New mural tagged after less than a week of being up

YAKIMA, WA - A mural commissioned by the Yakima Police was tagged with graffiti last year. At least five murals have been put up on the same fence, most of which have been destroyed by taggers.

A new mural went up last week and less than five days later it's already been tagged once.

"Honestly I am not surprised, I knew it was going to happen," says Christin Garcia, program director for Art Expression.

On the sidewalk of Sixth Street and East Lincoln Avenue, lay outlines of children playing... from a little girl with a peace sign to twins holding hands.

It took a total of seven days to complete. Children from the summer program Art Expressions worked together to make the mural.

"In an area that we previously had a mural that was tagged that we had the kids come out and paint a mural and really start to teach them about positive community spirit," said Garcia.

It took less than five days for it to be tagged. Garcia says she's prepared her students during the summer for the possibility of this happening.

"For every one thousand good people and every one thousand good things that happen there is going to be one bad thing that happens. But that doesn't mean that all of our effort isn't worth it. That just means we get to come out here and show our community we love them that much that we're going to fix it," said Garcia.

If it's tagged again, Garcia is willing to fix it. She says this mural is a statement to the children of the community.

"We want them to see they're welcomed here that they can come and play along too. We want them to know that Yakima is a good, safe place to be," said Garcia.

She asks people not to be mad about the tagging, but rather to support the neighborhood and remember there is still good in it.

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