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RICHLAND, WA - The Richland Police Department has come up with a new way to help serve the people in their city. The department has developed several Facebook groups that allow the people of Richland to watch their neighborhood.

"The purpose of this is to have direct communication with the community for the community to directly communicate with us," said Cerise Peck, the department's crime prevention public information officer. "The real emphasis is on that neighbor-to-neighbor communication that we have been missing with the traditional neighborhood watch." 

There are eight groups in total, all accompanying different parts of Richland.

"There is three in north Richland, three in south Richland, and two in central Richland, and we are up probably a thousand people in those groups," said. Peck.

You can participate by going to the Richland Police Department's Facebook page, click on the photos, find your home on their maps and then joining your selective group. So far the groups have been successful, and the department plans on adding interactive crime maps to the service all with one goal in mind.

"If we have a neighborhood that is communicating with each other and communicating with us that also knows the proper steps on how to report something and when to report something, then we are all working together to make the community of Richland safer," said Peck.  

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