RICHLAND, WA - Opioid addiction is sweeping through the Tri-Cities and across the state. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse a study from 2018 shows about 63% of drug related overdoses in Washington State involved opioids. 

This weekend alone the Pasco Police Department responded to three overdose calls that resulted in fatalities, and while local authorities continue to report on the addiction crisis in our community rehabilitation and mental health residential centers in the Tri-Cities simply do not exist. 

However, there is some good news for those seeking local outpatient opioid treatment options in the area. A new clinic, Tri-Cities Treatment Center will be opening its doors in Richland and working to help those struggling with opioid addiction.

The owner says he saw the need for it when he realized many patients from  the Tri-Cities were traveling to one of their locations in Pendleton, Oregon to seek treatments. 

"We were actually receiving lot of patients from the Tri-Cities area commuting over to our Pendleton Clinic, so that first queued us into the need in the Tri-Cities Community....  Patients don't get what they need for substance abuse disorder treatment, and part of that is just not having the provider available," Michael Harris, Owner of Tri-Cities Treatment Center told NBC Right Now. 

Harris also says it’s clear that there's an overwhelming need for opioid treatment services in the area, and Tri-Cities Treatment Center is ready to provide a "holistic" approach.

"There’s a need for our particular services because they're unique in the sense that we are an opioid treatment program, and we have medications onsite. So we really feel like our model is very holistic in that we offer a one stop shop for the patient to treat their substance abuse disorder needs," Harris said.  

Tri-Cities Treatment Center will open it's doors starting on March 1st however, Harris tells me appointments are already being made. 

You can reach the opioid outpatient center by calling 509-578-1492 .

For more information or to schedule an appointment  click on the link below: 

Contact at Tri-Cities Recovery | ORTC