YAKIMA, WA- VanGo Coffee Co. is a new mobile coffee van that brings coffee to people all over Yakima. 

The owner of VanGo Coffee Co. Brittany Schlotman said "I love painting, I love art, I love making coffee how can we integrate the two and that's where Van Go Coffee was born."

"My uncle actually came up with the idea because the Van-goes and you are painter," said Schlotman

The unique coffee van stops at local businesses on a weekly basis. One of the scheduled stops is at the Yakima Chamber Of Commerce. 

A customer at the Yakima Chamber Of Commerce says "It's a unique van. I mean it's like we've never seen one before and it has everything you need going through an espresso line." 

Schlotman says her business is all about the customers. 

"When I come back and I remember what they drink or how the zoo was last weekend or whatever they told me they were going to go do. They feel like I care. And then they know I care. Because I do," said Schlotman

If people want VanGo Coffee Co. to deliver a tea, coffee or red bull drink all they have to do is call or text Brittany at 509-225-0322

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