No Decision On Banning Malt Liquor Or Fortified Wines In Wapato

WAPATO, Wash.- Wapato City Council says they're working hard to put an end to a public drunkeness problem in the city, but says they still need more time to talk about what steps they want to take.

There was no decision at Monday night's Wapato city council meeting to ban the sale of malt liquor and fortified wines. Instead, the council heard from people in the community expressing their concern about drunk people near their homes, saying a lot of the problem is the homeless peope and that they're out of control.                                                                                      

One business owner that sells alcohol at her store in Wapato addressed the council about her concerns. She told the council instead of banning the sale of malt liquors, she'd like to see an ordinance passed that would make it illegal to be drunk in public.

For now, the council has decided to talk through this issue during their next work session. No word yet on when a decision could be made.

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