PASCO,WA- SCORE is a nationwide non-profit whose sole purpose is to mentor small businesses. The Mid-Columbia chapter hosted it's first ever "Equipping Entrepreneurs" workshop at Columbia Basin College.

This workshop gave future small business owners tips and lessons for running a small business. Kathi Ellis, who owns a business called "Kathleen Ellis Author", already uses SCORE's services and she walked away very impressed with what she learned from the workshop.

"It's great for anybody wanting to start a small business because this community does not want to see people fail they want to see them succeed," said Ellis.

One of the business owners who spoke at the event was Isaac Butts who owns "Wake Up Nation LLC." Butts felt honored to give advise to aspiring entrepreneurs as well as he hopes his message can be one that inspires those who attended.

"If I can be a spark to them and in return that spark can spark their family their friends and they see them doing something extra," said Butts. "They see them doing something phenomenal I don't think it gets any sweeter than this."

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