nursing home

PENDLETON, OR - As flooding continues throughout Pendleton many homes are being affected including Willowbrook Terrace, a nursing home.

The home had to evacuate all the residents and move them to their sister nursing home Elizabethan Manor because the water started to reach the complex. 

"We probably have like two three feet of standing water in the basement right now," said Corey Crismon, Willowbrook Terrace administrator. 

The nursing home has had to put in extra work in order to limit the damage and flooding.

"We put sandbags up we have been pumping water out just trying to keep it all dry downstairs but just too much water we lost the battle," said Crismon. 

Willowbrook Terrace also got help from many in the community to move people. It wasn't just people bringing cars and trucks, many also brought unique tools to help out.

"We had horse trailers moving beds and mattress and all our equipment it was actually pretty amazing the support we got," said Crismon.

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